What Happened to the Riots?

by Rick Fuentes
American Thinker

The riots of 2020 are the battlefront of a movement hatched from an alternative history built upon an abstruse foundation of systemic racism and white privilege. In early summer, they created an apocalyptic spectacle of 23 American cities in flames, burned-out cars, shattered storefronts, unchecked looting, and occupied neighborhoods. Then events then took a curious turn.

According to the Bridging the Divide Initiative, a Princeton think tank that conducts U.S. protest modeling with a wink and nod to the left, there was a free fall in the number of BLM-associated demonstrations and uprisings from a late-May peak to an October low. Who or what was responsible for this plunge?

In a recent televised and racially-divisive speech, First Lady emerita Michelle Obama echoed the familiar line that 93 percent of BLM demonstrations were peaceful. That’s true.

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