We Deserve to Die

by Karl Denninger

The title sounds pretty awful, but really, if you want to know where the fault is when it comes to Covid19, get up and go look in the mirror.

We’re nearly nine months into this, and really, closer to ten. We ignored the first month because we felt like it. And our culpability goes back even further, because the evidence is very strong that we were funding the Wuhan lab, and we were not keeping any sort of surveillance over in China with regard to what was going on with our money.

You can stop the bull**** about China being a sovereign and thus entitled to do whatever it wants whenever you’re tired of dying. Which, apparently, we aren’t and haven’t been. After all we’re still perfectly ok with lithium being mined and processed over there in open leech pits, which is the only economically-viable way to process it, and which inevitably poisons both the air and ground (and thus water.) We ban the trade in ivory from elephant tusks but not the mass destruction of land and people “required” to build a Tesla.

So save me the pearl-clutching because it’s just getting started — and so am I.

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