Was Thomas Jefferson Right? New Study Quantifies Flight from America’s Big Cities During Pandemic

from Zero Hedge

Authored by Mark Glennon via Wirepoints.org,

Thomas Jefferson’s disdain for big cities and his agrarian vision for America was based partly on the danger of epidemics. He lived through a major one, yellow fever in 1793 that killed one in ten people in Philadelphia, then the nation’s capital.

Today, COVID-19 is helping drive many big city residents out, but the timeliness of considering Jefferson’s views about cities goes beyond the virus. Will today’s trend continue? Are Jefferson’s views about big cities now gaining acceptance?

It’s too early to say, but we are at least getting a better picture of the exodus to date. An outfit called MyMove used a clever way to look at migration patterns since the start of the pandemic. They compiled the number of change-of-address notices filed with the United States Post Office.

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