Was Joe Biden’s New Campaign Slogan “Build Back Better” Actually Plagiarized from Somewhere Else?

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

By now you have probably heard about Joe Biden’s new campaign slogan. Even though he often has a very difficult time saying it, “Build Back Better” is plastered all over his official campaign website. I think that his campaign team wanted something forwarding looking and that sounded optimistic, but it isn’t exactly original. In fact, the Trump campaign has pointed out that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was using the slogan long before Biden ever did…

If you thought Joe Biden’s clunky, tax-and-spend slogan “Build Back Better” sounds like unoriginal, political consultant-speak, you’re right. In fact, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is using the same slogan and was doing so before Joe Biden stole it.

You can watch video of both politicians using the “Build Back Better” slogan right here. Considering the issues that Biden has had with plagiarism in the past, his team probably should have gone with another choice.

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