Was Bill Barr Paid by the Establishment to Protect Hillary, Obama, Comey, Brennan, and a Passel of Obama Regime DOJ, FBI, and CIA Officials from Russiagate Indictments?

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

For at least a year enough facts needed to bring indictments against those who orchestrated the Russiagate attempted overthrow of President Trump have been in the public record.

Where are the indictments? What is the point of a never-ending Barr/Durham investigation of what we already know?

Are Barr and Durham, who are members of the Establishment, letting the clock run out, banking on the election polls being correct that the Biden/Kamala ticket is the sure winner and once the election is over the Establishment is safe?

If Trump wins, he will have to immediately fire both Barr and Durham or suffer another term of being cancelled by his own government.

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