Trump the Winner in November – Gerald Celente with Greg Hunter

Gerald Celente – Lockdowns the Big Issue in 2020 Election

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher and Publisher of The Trends Journal, predicted in September that the massive cheating campaign by Democrats will not work. Celente said, “Trump will use the power of the Presidency to extend this thing as much as he can, proving fraud and not leaving because of that. Now, Celente has a few new predictions. Celente contends, “Young people are not going to come out to vote for Joe Biden. . . .You can see this at his campaign rallies because nobody is showing up. The young just don’t have the enthusiasm for Joe.”

Because of non-existent young voter turnout, Celente also predicts, “There is not one word in the New York Times in the last few days about Hunter Biden’s dirty deals—not one. So, the media has skewed this, and it is so anti-Trump and some polls are showing it. Despite the polls . . . I am calling Trump the Winner. I believe he’s going to win in the Electoral College vote. I believe he’s going to win places like Philadelphia, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin and he’s going to beat Biden. The other reason being, the people that are voting for Biden, it’s not like they love the guy. They hate Trump. So, that means you are not going to get out the strong force of people that would go out and vote, like the young people. They’re not going to vote for old Joe. The debates make a bit of a difference, but not a big one.”

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