Trump Must Up His Game for the Next Debate

by Selwyn Duke
American Thinker

President Trump is masterful at his rallies. I’ve never seen anyone work a crowd better. Able to control the microphone, he’s loose, conversational, fluent, interesting, funny and even sometimes charming. He connects with people.

That’s not what he did September 29, however, during the first presidential debate. Many conservatives won’t like hearing this, but Trump underperformed while Joe Biden exceeded the very low expectations set for him. The ex-vice president simply had to show up and not exhibit dementia; the president had to impress. This he did not do. And he can — and must — up his game at the next debate, which also happens to be the last one.

I know, I’ve read the comments by conservatives claiming that Trump was impressive, that he won the contest. They cite certain polls supporting their position just as leftists trumpet polls indicating the opposite. I’m not here to claim that Trump won or lost or which polls are correct, however, because that’s the wrong way to view matters.

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