The Ridiculous Choice

by Karl Denninger

I thought I’d seen insane in 2008, and then again in 2012 and 2016.

In 2008 we elected a Black Man as President who had exactly zero qualifications to be in that office and, by the black letter of the Constitution, was ineligible. On the manifest weight of the evidence he bought, with other people’s money, his Senate and Illinois Senate seat. In other words he bribed his way into office with other people’s money, which means that it was not his ideas being put forward, it was whoever funded him. It matters not whether he presented a fraudulent birth certificate which, by the way, the evidence is that he did. This is the same man who (like Senator Warren) claimed to be something he was not whenever it suited him, including to get preferential treatment in college. Then he sealed the records that would prove all of this one way or another, a blatantly and outrageously illegal act available to no common person, and we let him get away with that too. Leave the rest aside because it doesn’t matter. You are selecting who you would like to be the person who, if they’re going to lie, will do so in the best interest of the United States population not their personal best interest.

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