The Polls Shift Toward Trump

by John Kudla
American Thinker

You can call me Pollyannish, but I am beginning to believe I may have underestimated the silent Trump vote in my previous posts. This is why.

I mentioned the 2020 Cato Institute poll before, which discusses the high percentage of conservatives who are afraid to express their political views. Something I failed to consider was:

Nearly two-?thirds of Latino Americans (65%) and White Americans (64%) and nearly half of African Americans (49%) have political views they are afraid to share.

Why would 65% of Latin voters and 49% of Black voters be afraid to express their political views, especially if 70-90% of them, respectively, are voting for Biden? Are they afraid of the bad orange man, or is a significant portion of these two minority groups part of the silent Trump vote? The answer may be the latter.

A Zogby poll from late August indicated 36% of Black voters approved of President Trump’s job performance, along with 37% of Hispanic voters.

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