The Final Four Weeks of the Campaign Will Be Fought Over Re-Opening the Economy

by Thomas Lifson
American Thinker

Sacrificing the economy, the education of our children, and our collective mental health for the purported purpose of slowing the spread of a disease that is survived by more than 99% of those under 70 who contract it is no longer tolerable, and President Trump is waging his presidential campaign on ending the madness.

Here is the CDC’s best estimate of the lethality of COVID for each age cohort:

– 0–19 years: 0.00003
– 20–49 years: 0.0002
– 50–69 years: 0.005
– 70+ years: 0.054

Now that we know how to treat it, COVID is not something to panic over unless you are very old and already have health problems (comorbidities) that are very likely to shorten your expected lifespan even without COVID.

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