Stocks and Precious Metals Charts – And the Love of Most Will Grow Cold

from Jesse’s Café Américain

Stocks were off to a rocky start today, but managed to gain back much of their losses into the close.

The cheerleaders and spokesmodels for Wall Street were pleased.

Gold and silver and the Dollar all rallied today.

If you are not going to be careful about what you read, what you take into your minds and hearts, at least be wary of spreading lies and snares to your friends and children.

For I have rarely seen such zealous behavior than from those who wish to share their self-deception and sins with others.

And if you ask them nicely to stop sending this sort of thing to you they say, don’t you want to be informed? And they are angered, because they are not motivated by love, but by anger and self-love and pride. And they cannot bear to see themselves in the light.

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