Shut Up, Man!

by David Stockman

The Robin Hooders and robo-traders do not have enough common sense, apparently, even to lay off the “buy” key for a single day in honor of last night’s political shit-show. And the explanation is not hard to find.

The financial markets are so utterly corrupted and broken by the Fed’s own monetary shit-show that all it took to trigger another buy-the-dip paroxysm this AM was a lame hint by Stevie Mnuchin – bar of soap in hand – that he’s fixing to knee-pad his way up to Capitol Hill. Presumably, the bipartisan assemblage of fiscal predators lying in wait will again have their way with the hapless Treasury Secy and Wall Street will finally get the Everything Bailout 5.0 that it desperately craves.

What we are getting at is that for all the sanctimonious tut-tutting emanating from the MSM about the Donald’s bar-room brawling during the fisticuffs with (truly) Sleepy Joe, they are blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to the far larger matter that was at issue on the stage in Cleveland – one that goes way beyond mere manners and decorum.

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