Polls Show the Trump Show is Harming Trump

by John Nolte

If you believe the polls, Joe Biden and his media allies are running a brilliant presidential campaign against Donald Trump.

As the old saying goes — and it’s an old saying for a reason — when your opponent is defeating himself, get out of the way.

The conventional wisdom says that if the 2020 election is a referendum on Trump, Trump loses. If it’s a referendum on Biden, Biden loses.

Well, then, what we have, with only about four weeks remaining before Election Day, is Biden and the national media making damn sure 2020 is a referendum on Trump.

Biden is awful. Terrible person. Terrible candidate. Corrupt to the core. Entire family is corrupt. He’s a racist. He abuses women. He’s stupid. He’s an old man. An enfeebled old man. Refuses to answer tough questions about fairly important issues like stacking the Supreme Court and killing the Senate filibuster. He’ll be a terrible president.

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