New York Times Caught Naked in Bed with Trump’s Tax Strategy and the New York Sun Exposes Them

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

Now here’s some old-school shoe leather investigative reporting the New York Times probably didn’t anticipate after it published its stolen-documents expose about President Trump’s bad, bad, tax returns, coming from the green-eyeshade mavens at its tiny rival, the New York Sun.

In Ira Stoll’s report, headlined “Guess How the Times Knows So Much About Tax Losses Trump Uses,” the Times is exposed for doing the exact same things that President Trump did on his taxes, in a report that leaves it its piety in smoking ruins. Hypocrite much?

The brilliant piece begins with:

The New York Times’ investigation of President Trump says the president used big tax losses in some years to avoid paying taxes in others, that he invested some of his profits into money-losing businesses, and that Mr. Trump paid his daughter as “a way to transfer assets to his children.”

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