Lockdowners Speak with Privilege, and Contempt for the Poor and Working Class

by Jenin Younes
The American Institute for Economic Research

The Great Barrington Declaration, signed last weekend, has unleashed a torrent of criticism. This was to be expected, since it conflicts with the public health prescription that has attained a religious-like status in many circles: lockdowns and social distancing must be enforced in order to stop or slow transmission of the coronavirus.

The authors of the Declaration, three of the world’s most renowned epidemiologists, urge an entirely different approach. Those not vulnerable to severe illness and death from the virus – especially children and younger adults – should live as they did pre-March 2020. Doing so will, within a couple of months, generate herd immunity, allowing communities to return to relative normalcy.

The overwhelming majority of condemnation that the Declaration has received does not bear on the substance of its recommendations.

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