Lift Up the Rocks and See the Snakes

by Clarice Feldman
American Thinker

As media polls continue to mislead about the state of the presidential race, there are many reasons to believe the Democrats are crazed with fear that they will be trounced more soundly this time — as they should be, given their nominees. Here are some indicators to me: The majority of voters think they are better off now than they were four years ago; the crowds at Trump rallies are enormous and Biden can barely pull a 10-person minyan; outside of university towns there are few Biden-Harris signs up, but American flags (a safe sign when Trump signs would be stolen) are seen waving on front lawns and guns are flying off the shelves to people who have lost faith in their elected local officials to protect them. There are more, of course, but believe what the media would call your own lying eyes.

The President has been fighting idiotic policies and corruption bit by bit across both aisles, but it’s hard to find any institution that could pass a smell test. This week is no exception. We learned the Department of Defense has been forcing the troops to undergo anti-American propaganda; the VOA had peddled a video of Biden attacking the police and calling for jihad; and the Commission on Presidential Debates has ruined its reputation forever and is likely to never again be seen after this year.

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