Libertarian Lawmakers or a Libertarian Laws?

Advancing laws that further libertarian objectives, no matter who champions them, looks like the surer route to our preferred ends.

by Bonnie Kristian

It would be great if our political system were restructured to make third parties viable competitors for federal office. Personally, I’d like to try a party-list proportional representation system with statewide, multi-member districts, and I think we should change the rules governing candidate inclusion for the presidential debates, too. Absent all of that, I’d also welcome a simpler (and more historically precedented) transformation, like one of the major parties realigning on policy or dissolving entirely and being succeeded by something more libertarian.

But let’s assume none of that happens and libertarians stay in our present position vis-a-vis governance for the foreseeable future. And let’s assume libertarians—as a party, a loosely organized movement, and an ideology which roughly one in five Americans lean toward—will continue to have limited money, time, and public support.

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