Innumeracy: The Real Killer

by Karl Denninger

******n the American public and so-called “leaders” to Hell.

Every single one of the so-called “experts” who has a bunch of letters after his or her name can be presumed to have passed Algebra in High School. Thus their deceptions are not only intentional they’re malicious and murderous.

The CDC publishes death data by age cohort from Covid-19 without influenza.

There are 94,396 such deaths according to them.

Of those thirteen, or one in 7,261, are in children under 15 years of age.

One in 637 are in children below or at college age, that is, 24 and younger.

One in 1.29 are in persons 65 and older.

The relative hazard ratio is thus roughly five thousand times higher if you are 65 or older compared with under 15.

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