Honesty and Truth

by Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin’s World

In these troubled times, the nation needs honesty and truth. Sadly this need is no longer met by institutions such as government, education, the media, science and even the justice system. These institutions have goals considered more important than honesty and truth. The notion that “the ends justify the means” now dominates opinion makers, educators, scientists, lawmakers and judges.

Honesty and truth are most sacred values. They are the basis of civilized society. Without these basic values, social cooperation fails. Economic activity is diminished and society degenerates into a jungle-like environment where predators dominate. Hardship and poverty replace cooperation and prosperity.

Values that prevent the expansion of political power must be suppressed. The achievement of power and wealth via political means is prevented by honesty and truth. Thus they must be eliminated. That includes the rewriting of history with the proper political portrait necessary to achieve dominance.

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