Have Plummeting Stocks Sniffed a Biden Win? Here’s a Bullish Explanation…

by Rick Ackerman

Stocks have gotten hit hard this week. Have investors perhaps caught a whiff of a possible Biden victory and the damage he and his socialist running mate would inflict on American businesses and the middle class? That’s one explanation, and I raised the possibility here numerous times over the last several weeks that it could occur, even if it was highly unlikely. In any event, the stock market is a lot smarter than the pollsters, and therefore probably better at predicting Tuesday’s winner. However, Wall Street is also a sleazy carnival midway on a giant scale, and so it can be assumed that regardless of which way shares are moving on a given day, there is a reason for it that suits the needs of the market’s Masters.

Covid Lie Helps

So why would they want stocks to fall? My theory is that because they are pretty certain Trump is going to be re-elected, they’ve pulled their bids in order to accumulate shares at fire-sale prices. This would position them for the huge rally that is all but certain to follow a Trump victory. Manipulating the markets in this way is especially easy with the news media promoting the lie that Covid-19 has gone out of control.

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