Green Deal Promises That Will Not Be Met

by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock
The Street

Climate Neutral by 2050? Forget It.

EU Promises and Goals vs Reality

Unlike the US where Trump wants nothing to green deals, the EU has made a number of pie in the sky promises.

Eurointelligence, mocks the promises in Reasons to be Wary of the Green Deal.

In theory, green technology could be to Europe what digital has been to the US and what artificial intelligence promises to be for China. We have our doubts, though. The EU is clearly overselling the green deal. The green share in EU projects is vastly exaggerated through dubious rounding-up practices, a creative accounting method that would land you in prison if you tried it on your tax returns. The EU has still not kicked the habits of the Juncker investment plan: a castle in the air combining hype and leveraged aspirations.

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