Gonna Put Up With This?

by Karl Denninger

This is the government’s own data folks….

The question is this — in less than five minutes you will understand the truth, so now will you shove it up your local and state authoritarian jackwads’ ass? Or are you going to consent to being raped of your humanity today, tomorrow and forward?

This is not my computation or set of assumptions, it is the government’s own data with regard to whether “Covid” is dangerous or not. Just the facts folks, just the facts.

[…] https://www.bitchute.com/video/jNtvqQd7I5si/

It’s pretty simple folks. A bug that you are materially more-likely to survive, if you get it, than your base risk of survival over a given year is absolutely not something to fear or take “special consideration” over. Remember that you cannot avoid the all-cause risk of death; that is, the mere fact that you’re alive forces you to take the bottom figure in risk. But, when it comes to Covid19, you might have T-cell recognition and be immune or you might have had a “silent” infection and be immune. Further, since we know antibodies often wane quickly you can’t easily find out if either is true.

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