Get Ready for the Ransomware Election with Robert Siciliano

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Robert Siciliano notes that fraud on election day, or ransomware executing on any of the swing state voting systems could result in chaos. Every cyber security expert focused on the election is not sleeping soundly. If they are restricted from accessing voter data, it will cast doubt into the election results. We know that the last election was won in some places by less than one percent. Microsoft and the DHS worked together to shut down a bot net recently. The election system across the country is composed of thousands of different systems. It’s documented and available publicly. This enables Russia and China to target bottlenecks and wreak havoc. Should this happen we might have to have a do over. Back to paper ballots. It’s all about planning. Has the government planned adequately. You need to plan ahead. Just think of paper towel and toilet papers shortages that we saw from Covid, on steroids. Prepare, prepare, prepare…

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