Will Trump’s Personality Get Him Re-Elected? with Merrick Rosenberg

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

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Merrick Rosenberg is author of Personality Wins: Who Will Take the White House and How We Know… Personality has determined the winner of the last twenty-two U.S. presidential elections—and it will decide who wins in 2020. Trump is an eagle. Clinton was an eagle and a parrot. Biden is being portrayed as a dove but historically has been a parrot. Parrots are always churping and making gaffs. Doves are passive and consensus builders. Owls are calm and into wisdom. “The Greeks had a word for it ‘Charisma.’ In the theatre we call it ‘Stage Presence.’ JFK had it, so did Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Nixon did not. The jury is still out on whether Donald Trump can be saved by his own version.

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