The Saving Problem in America: Alternatives and Reforms

by Mark Thornton

Since before covid-19 and the lockdown, I have written articles that touch on the purpose and importance of personal savings, and more importantly, why the lack of personal savings was going to make an economic crisis in the year 2020 potentially tragic for most Americans.

As a result, I have been interviewed a couple of times specifically on the topic of personal savings. These interactions have indicated to me that people do not understand the importance of savings and rather believe the demonization of savings as a “leakage” from the economic system and that hoarding money is one of the greatest threats to the economy.

Even more importantly, I discussed the reasons why Americans save so little and the related dangers, and I discussed how you can get around those government interventions with alternative strategies. I thought most people knew these strategies, but apparently that is not the case and thus the rationale for this article.

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