The NFL Gets Woke and Goes Broke

by Martin Marcus
American Thinker

On several occasions, a black person committed a crime, a police officer tried to arrest him, the suspect resisted arrest, and the officer was forced to kill him. This suggests to me that I should not break the law and not resist arrest. The woke crowd concludes that the police are murdering black people. We appear to be, but are not, content with this situation, so the woke crowd believes we are racist.

The woke crowd is putting pressure on us to believe we are a racist country. From 2016 to 2019, a few NFL players took a knee during the Star-Spangled Banner to say this country is racist. The pressure became so intense that the NFL now accommodates them. This year, the Black National Anthem is played before games. Most players either kneel or stay in the locker room during the real National Anthem. These players must believe that this country is racist. Since we are citizens, they must believe we are racist.

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