The Most Terrifying Danger Facing the U.S… Plus This Could Ignite the Gold Price to $20,000

from King World News

This is a very worrisome look at the most terrifying danger facing the United States, plus this could ignite the gold price to $20,000.

September 6 (King World News) – Stephen Leeb: I’m not a poker player, but I know enough about the game to know that if I did play, I would want my opponent to be either complacent or desperate. Desperation and/or complacency invariably augur big losses.

The U.S., unfortunately, offers a tragic example. Years back we became deplorably complacent. And that has led to a situation where, whether it’s widely recognized or not, we are in a desperate situation with respect to China. There are three ways it can end: lose-lose; win-win; or win (China)/lose(U.S.) with China becoming the world’s hegemon. These three very different scenarios share one common denominator: They all point to huge gains in gold (and possibly silver as well).

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