The Big Tech – and Medical – Lie

by Karl Denninger

So those of you who don’t live under a rock know my Twatter account was “restricted” yesterday.

Twitter Support has posted tweets saying first that this was a mass-event and due to an “error”, which may have been tied to a problem Google Services had for a while yesterday. They also posted another tweet and said the problem was corrected. At least the latter is a lie.

Their complaint is not that I said something, so they say. Their automated system said it suspected me of being a robot. Ok, so I went through their 2-phase verification that I’m not — a Captcha, and then a text message to my phone with a code. I completed that and got a “Thanks, Human!” back. But…. still can’t do anything. I can see what people post, but I cannot DM, reply, like, retweet, etc.

I’ve filed a formal protest via email, which of course got a tracking number and…. no change.

So Twitter lies, in short. Jack has repeatedly lied. They’ve lied to Congress. They’ve lied to you. And, I might add, immediately before it happened I posted a one-liner as the Grand Jury report had just issued in Louisville and I (sarcastically) said “Here come the riots!” while eating lunch, from my phone.

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