‘Thanks a Lot, Covid!’ Bummed-Out Boomers Feel Cheated Out of Retirement Years

Time is of the essence as some see retirement plans evaporate in the pandemic. Here are some ways to deal with the disappointment

by Janet Siroto
Market Watch

“These are supposed to be the best years of my life,” says Matt, 64, an account manager for a telecom company in the suburbs of Denver (he prefers not to include his last name for this story). “I’ve been working like a dog for decades, got the kids through college, then saw my marriage fizzle. Now here I am, almost ready to retire, buy the convertible and start dating with a vengeance, and it’s all going up in smoke. Thanks a lot, COVID!”

This ire is going around as some boomers see their anticipated next stage of life evaporate as the pandemic continues to have the globe in its grip.

Of course, those lucky enough to escape the virus are very grateful for their good health. But as the days, weeks, months and now seasons of being on “pause” unfurl, many of those at midlife and later have had it up to here — and then some. Feelings of frustration and even anger can be hard to overcome if your “prime time” gets twisted like a pretzel.

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