Sorry, That’s Not Illegal

by Karl Denninger

Florida amended its Constitution to allow felons to vote if they had completed all aspects of their sentence. I resided in the state at the time and voted for that amendment, which passed. Why? Because our justice system is predicated on the premise that once you fulfill all aspects of your sentence, whatever they are, it’s over. You incurred a debt by committing a crime, you paid it, it’s done. Period.

If the penalty is insufficient to deter a second offense or protect the public the problem lies in the sentence itself, not some retroactive punitive measure. Fix the problem. We have a revolving door justice system for many offenses on purpose and instead of holding the proper people to account we wave our arms and scream. Nope.

Well, the ACLU and others didn’t like the fact that fines and restitution had to be paid (they’re part of the sentence!) and sued. They got a court to overturn that. This was illegitimate and should have gotten people locked up instantly, or the entire amendment thrown out. A higher court figured it out before a bunch of someones had to be fed to sharks and reversed.

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