Should the Secret Service Allow Trump to Travel to Kenosha, Wisconsin Today?

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Wall Street on Parade

Yesterday, two ominous events occurred. Gina Barton, writing for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, part of the USA Today Network, published an in-depth report on what eyewitnesses and journalists had seen occurring on Tuesday evening, August 25. That was the night that 17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse gunned down three protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, two of them fatally. Before the killings, Rittenhouse was openly carrying an assault rifle when police provided him with bottled water and stated “We appreciate you guys.”

Rittenhouse, a Trump supporter, had traveled to Kenosha from Antioch, Illinois to counter Black Lives Matter protesters who have been in the streets protesting since police officer Rusten Sheskey fired seven bullets at point blank range at the back of Jacob Blake, an unarmed black man, on Sunday, August 23. According to Blake’s attorney, Blake is currently paralyzed from the waist down.

The shooting of Blake came just three months after George Floyd’s May 25 death at the hands of police triggered Black Lives Matter protests across the nation and worldwide attention.

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