Poo-Slinging Monkeys

by Karl Denninger

That’s what last night was — identical to going to the zoo and watching the monkeys sling poo at each other. Appalling and amusing at the same time.

If I was supposed to be surprised by any of that, I wasn’t.

Let’s talk about what little we learned.

First, Trump didn’t come to debate, he came intending a brawl and was perfectly happy to have one. Exactly how you persuade someone to vote for you in that format is unknown. I can’t imagine his tactics got him one vote last night.

But — before I go on with Trump and Biden, can I talk about the so-called “moderator”? Better — explain to me why Trump’s side of the aisle consented to such a “debate” with such a “moderator” in the first place. The wording of the questions was so wildly slanted that frankly, were I up there, I’d have spent the first 30 seconds of each of my segments nuking the dude in the middle! The most-glaring and outrageous was toward the end, where Chris Wallace asked about “right wing extremist and white supremacist” groups and demanded Trump denounce them after repeating the lie, discredited via hard proof of the original statement on tape years ago, about “very fine people”, while ignoring that the riots in Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle (CHOP zone anyone?), Kenosha and elsewhere have all been initiated by the radical left.

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