Police Used a Legally Dubious Tactic in Louisville, and I Found Myself Caught in the Middle of It. Here’s What Happened…

This is part one of a series of stories about Shelby Talcott’s arrest in Louisville.

by Shelby Talcott

“They put us on the ground,” was the last text I sent. 11:02 pm.

Then I called my editor. 11:07 pm. No dice. Not sure what he would do anyhow. The police were closing in.

These were my last communications, to the Daily Caller’s chief video director and editor-in-chief, moments before I was to spend 16 hours at a detention center in Louisville, Kentucky, despite being identified and confirmed as a member of the press.

Here’s what happened.

Almost an hour earlier, just after 10 pm, I was just half a mile away from the main protest site covering a press conference from Louisville Chief of Police Robert Schroeder. He was giving an update on two officers who were shot earlier in the evening.

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