‘New York and California Are the Land of the Flee, and Texas is the Land of the Free’: Real Estate Investor

by Sarah Paynter
Yahoo! Finance

The allure of small-town living has catalyzed mass migration from places like New York and California to states like Texas and Florida as Americans grapple with daily life during the coronavirus pandemic.

Since March, city-dwellers shopped for more affordable, spacious living arrangements in suburbs and small cities. Migration is starting to slow down, a recent Yahoo Finance-Harris Poll survey showed, but the shift to small-town living has already radically changed real estate values in the U.S., say experts.

“I actually think we’re not appreciating it as big and profound as it actually is. Our joke has been that New York and California are the land of the flee, and Texas is the land of the free,” Ari Rastegar, founder of Rastegar Property Company, an Austin-based real estate investment firm, told Yahoo Finance’s The Final Round.

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