Man-Made Weather Engineering Killing Us All – Dane Wigington with Greg Hunter

Dane Wigington – Bill Gates & CV19 Tied to Destructive Climate Engineering

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

West Coast wildfires, wild temperature swings and hurricanes in the Gulf are all part of the consequences of man-made weather modification called Geoengineering. Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says, “People need to unite in the fight against climate engineering because it’s killing us all. . . . If we look at this mathematically, climate engineering and all of its ramifications are the greatest threat we collectively face short of nuclear annihilation. The ramifications are beyond grave. There can be no legitimate discussion about the climate, or the the state of the climate from any perspective, without addressing this issue first.”

More than five years ago, Wigington warned then Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom (who is now Governor of California) about the devastating and uncontrollable fire destruction coming to the West Coast. Record high temperatures along with a record amount of millions of acres have been torched this year in California alone. Wigington remembers, “I had a private meeting with Gavin Newsom and his top aid in his office in the capitol, and I gave a full presentation on the climate engineering issue. They did not dispute the data. They couldn’t dispute the data. We have seen no acknowledgment from Governor Newsom, even as the state is burning to the ground, which is exactly what I told him would happen.”

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