Former AG Holder: ‘Additional Justices’ Needed on Supreme Court if Trump Appointment Confirmed

by Jeff Poor

Saturday, during an appearance on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation,” former Attorney General Eric Holder told host Al Sharpton if Republicans succeeded in confirming a replacement for Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg appointed by President Donald Trump, a future Democrat Senate majority along with Joe Biden, if he is elected president, should consider “court reform.”

According to Holder, such a measure would mean adding justices to the Supreme Court.

“You would put in place — if this is allowed to happen, a 6-3 court,” he said. “And with all the issues you have talked about, you would have a conservative majority — or illegitimate conservative majority on the court ruling on the matters that will affect the nation for generations to come. One of the realities is if Merrick Garland had been confirmed, as he should have been, there would have been a progressive majority for the past three years. And think what about that meant.

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