FNC’s Napolitano on PA Discarded Ballots: Prosecutors Feeding ‘Fuel to the Fire’ with Trump Mention

by Pam Key

Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed the case of nine discarded military ballots found in Pennsylvania on Friday with comments critical of the prosecutors.

Napolitano said, “Usually an investigation of election irregularities doesn’t occur until after Election Day, because there’s no such thing as an irregularity until all the votes are counted.”

He continued, “When you vote by absentee or when you vote by paper ballot, they send you a package. You fill out the ballot, you don’t sign it, you seal it in an envelope, and you sign the envelope. Then you must put that envelope containing your ballot in another envelope, and you put that whole package in the mail. If, when the package arrives, there is no inner envelope, then the ballot is deemed — their word, not mine — naked and the vote does not count.

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