Courting Trouble

by Clarice Feldman
American Thinker

As usual, in part because of persistent judicial overreach and in part because the Democrats’ desire to keep getting in Court what they cannot win at the ballot box, the courts are the main focus of attention this week as they are in so many weeks. There’s a vacancy on the Supreme Court to be filled and the Michael Flynn dismissal motion is due for a hearing on the 29th before Judge Emmet Sullivan. In the first instance, I think the Democrats’ disgusting performance in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation and the restrictions on the conduct of the hearing due to COVID-19 precautions will hamper their usual soap-opera theatrics. Of course, by now, too, more people surely have wised up to the game. In the second, Judge Sullivan opened up the door, and Attorney General William Barr and Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell burst into the courtroom with blazing guns.

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