Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders Want a Contingency Plan in Place for if Trump Refuses to Leave Office

by Virginia Kruta

Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has called for a contingency plan in the event that President Donald Trump would refuse to leave office after losing the election — and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has offered his full support to that plan.

Sanders floated the idea during an interview published Saturday by Politico, saying that Trump’s rhetoric up to this point had given every indication that he might refuse to leave if the election did not break his way.

“This is not just idle speculation. Trump was saying that the only way he could lose the election is if there was — let me get the exact quote — ‘the only way they can take this election away from us is if this is a rigged election.’ Now he is making that statement at a time when virtually every national poll has him behind,” Sanders explained.

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