Celebrate Entrepreneurs, Don’t Guillotine Them

by Raymond C. Niles
The American Institute for Economic Research

Imagine a benefactor, almost a Santa Claus, who provides millions of dollars worth of goods each day to millions of customers. The goods are more bountiful, cheaper, and easier to purchase from his store than any single retail establishment of the past, even the vaunted shopping malls and department stores, like Macy’s, which once called itself the “largest store in the world.”

This store is so big that it sells nearly anything you can imagine from every part of the world. You do not even need to leave your couch to make the purchase, which takes you just a few seconds on your computer. And it is delivered to your door at a price that is cheaper than nearly everywhere else.

If someone could do all this for you, would you call him a benefactor or a malefactor worthy of a hideous death?

Of course, I am referring to Jeff Bezos and his company, Amazon.

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