Biden Meets with Antisemitic, Farrakhan-Loving Father of Jacob Blake

from Zero Hedge

Jacob Blake Sr. – the father of a Jacob Blake, a black man who was shot four times by police in Kenosha, WI while violating a restraining order for felony sexual assault – is a giant antisemite, anti-Christian, and loves Islamic hate-preacher Louis Farrakhan.

And if you’re Joe Biden looking to pander to ‘woke’ Democrats, you meet with said antisemite on Thursday in a bid to score political points over the now-paralyzed Blake Jr., whose shooting sparked violent riots in Kenosha and added gasoline to anti-police protests sweeping the country.

Blake Sr., a frequent CNN guest and presence at Black Lives Matter protests since the shooting, has a history of making bigoted comments over social media – which Biden apparently doesn’t mind. He’s also a ‘very interesting’ person.

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