Barr Unloads On Media, Calling Them a ‘Collection of Liars’

by Damjan Tutarkov
LaCorte News

U.S. Attorney General William Barr sounded off against the national media in a new interview with TownHall on Friday, describing”most of the mainstream media” as outright liars who “know exactly what they’re doing.”

On the media: “They’re basically a collection of liars. Most of the mainstream media,” Barr straightforwardly said.

He continued: “They’re a collection of liars and they know exactly what they’re doing. A perfect example of that were the riots. Right on the street it was clear as day what was going on, anyone observing it, reporters observing it, it could not have escaped their attention that this was orchestrated violence by a hardened group of street fighting radicals, and they kept on excluding from their coverage all the video of this and reporting otherwise, and they were doing that for partisan reasons, and they were lying to the American people. It wasn’t until they were caught red-handed after essentially weeks of this lie that they even started feeling less timid.”

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