Another Trump Hoax and Biden’s Mental Decline

by Andrea Widburg
American Thinker

The rumors about Biden’s mental competence began concerning the debates. For the Democrats, the Wuhan virus was a blessing because it allowed them to hide Biden from the public, except for scripted appearances from his home. Now, though, even the scripted appearances can’t cover for his mental decline. The Democrats are, therefore, trying to level the playing field by launching false attacks against Trump’s cognitive abilities.

It’s nothing new to American Thinker readers that Joe Biden is not the man he was just a few years ago. We’ve shared multiple videos showing him struggling to read his notes, giving confused answers, showing signs of emotional incontinence (that is, being unable to control his temper), losing his grip on core facts, and otherwise giving every indication that he is, sadly, struggling with some form of senile dementia. And when Biden did recently get his act together, he had a funny little bruise on his hand that’s remarkably consistent with getting an IV in a location that’s customarily used to administer drugs.

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