All of the Bad News in 2020 is Causing a Shockingly High Number of Americans to “Seriously Consider” Suicide

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

This is a very difficult article for me to write, but I definitely need to write it. All over the country, people are considering suicide because of all the bad things that have happened this year, and things are only going to get even more challenging in 2021 and beyond. This greatly grieves me, because suicide is never the answer to anything, and I wish that I could sit down individually with every person that is considering suicide and get them to understand this. Our lives are meant to be lived with purpose, passion and great joy, and that doesn’t change when times get very difficult. In fact, when challenging times come that is when bright lights are needed the most.

Personally, even though I am constantly writing about all of the hard things that are going on in the world, I am not down, I am not depressed, and I am not on any pills. Instead, I am incredibly thankful for the gift of each new day, and there is no other time in all of human history that I would rather be living than right now.

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