You’re Never Beaten Until You Say You Are with Joe Bell

from Financial Survival Network

Joe Bell, founder of Legacy Beyond Listings, Real Estate & Wealth Expert Coach and author of the book “Assets, Acquisitions, & Abundance: A Guide To Building True Wealth & Legacy Through Real Estate. Joe is an expert at helping Real Estate professionals build legacy, retirement, and wealth. Back in 2006, Joe was brand new to the real estate game. He was young and had no money, couldn’t keep up on a mortgage and was facing foreclosure. Everything changed in 2009 when he purchased his first investment property and hit a home run. Since then, Joe has owned many companies, has a real estate firm and is now an experienced broker and investor himself. He would love to explain how a 40 year old agent landed a profitable investment in a weekend without using his own money. Joe has been named in the “Top 40 Under 40” in Alaska, and has been featured in places such as ABC, NBC, Digital Journal, Investor Place, and more.

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