Why Are Silver Eagle Prices So High, Not from This Dealer

by Steve St. Angelo
SRSRocco Report

With Silver Eagle premiums still ranging from $9-$10 per coin, why is the U.S. Mint still selling so many of them?? Good question. Many investors have switched to Silver Maples, Krugerrands, Philharmonics, and Britannias due to premiums that are less than half of the 2020 Silver Eagles.

As I mentioned in my article yesterday, UPDATE: The U.S. Mint Sells Another Million Silver Eagles In One Day, another one million Silver Eagles were sold in one day. With these Silver Eagles likely going to fill “Back-orders,” I’d imagine most investors were paying $9-$10 premium per coin. Again, it’s simply amazing how Silver Eagle demand is RED HOT with 30-40% premiums.

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