What You Will Find When You Follow the Money

by MN Gordon
Acting Man

Lockdown Disaster

It has been a rough go for California Governor Gavin Newsom. Late last week it was revealed that the state Department of Public Health had tickled the poodle on its COVID-19 record keeping. Somehow the bureaucrats in Sacramento under-counted new corona-virus cases by as many as 300,000.

[…] Perhaps this oversight prompted Newsom to imbibe a little meditation and reflection. At his Wednesday corona-virus news conference, shortly after quoting Voltaire, Newsom offered the following epiphany:

“Businesses can’t thrive in a world that’s failing.”

Often the simplest insights into reality are the most essential. We will give Newsom that. Yet, this is hardly an insight. Rather, it is readily obvious… even to a numskull.

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