What Will Replace the Police? Ten Historical Examples

by Robert Oscar Lopez
American Thinker

The future of local police departments has become a top election issue. Rasmussen released recent polls showing that Americans pay close attention to debates about law and order. For instance, 50% of likely voters want to see harder crackdowns on urban unrest, while only 38% support continuing protests in cities. Overall, 72% are concerned about recent reports of urban violence. Over 60% of Americans said their feelings about the protests will have an effect on their November voting.

Perhaps we have found the Democrats’ Kryptonite. Conservatives have noticed for quite some time that the left never showed adequate concern about far-left extremism (listen here). The far left has greater numbers and, unlike the far right, is entrenched in major institutions like colleges. The far left hopes to claim the anti-police violence as a historic win for its side (see here). Democrats can’t claim that the Floyd protests had nothing to do with rioting.

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