Time to Unmask with Karen Kataline

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

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Karen Kataline has had enough. She’s tired of the riots, tired of the loss of liberty and especially tired of wearing a mask that has no scientific backing behind it. She’s tired of the Dems and their anti-social rioting and she’s tired of them trying to turn the US into a third world Banana Republic. And we all should be.

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  1. Karen’s tired of the tyranny? that can be said of the rest of us who won’t kowtow to this warped far left wing Marxist political nonsense, Trump seems to be the only president to call out these plandemic scammers, all the others roll over like dead sheep. Did you see the show that Boris Johnson put on over his little covid hospital visit? only a globalist would pull such a stunt, an absolute phony conservative. Divided Britain is the latest banana republic

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