The Storm Clouds Are Gathering

by Clive Maund

There is a now widespread universally held belief, especially amongst “dumb money” market participants, that the markets cannot drop because the Fed is going to keep creating money in ever greater quantities to throw at pumping them higher and higher. This erroneous belief appears to be based on an assumption that the Fed cares about the economy or the welfare of the citizenry, when the reality is that the reason it exists is as a “wealth transfer engine” whose prime function is to serve as a mechanism for transferring the fruits of the labor of the population at large to the elite cadre at the top of the pyramid, and they even have a pyramid on their Federal Reserve notes. They achieve this through “systemic inflation” which with a fiat money system in place now for many years enables them to print unlimited quantities of money that they gift in the first instance to themselves and their crony associates and large favored corporations, and then let the rest out into the economy, with the tab for all this being pushed onto the hapless citizenry in the form of inflation. This is why the dollar has devalued by about 97% in purchasing power since the Fed came into existence in 1913.

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